Pure and faultless religion…look after the widows and orphans in their distress. James 1:27

Project Lydia Products Bring Joy
PROJECT LYDIA began in 2009 by missionaries, Cliff and Julie Pash and is an expansion of Advancing the Kingdom Ministries which serves Uganda, East Africa.

The project helps local widows and abandoned women overcome adversity and thrive in every area of their lives. PROJECT LYDIA teaches skills, provides a spiritual support system, and opens doors for the women to support their families. The women meet weekly to work on projects together which are sold around the world.

Projects include: recycled paper bead necklaces, baskets, and authentic Ugandan dolls with a story of a local woman of courage who also overcame adversity.

Many women lives have been transformed through PROJECT LYDIA as they gain resources to buy seed for their gardens, send their children to school, purchase medical care, and improve their housing.

PROJECT LYDIA addresses a critical need of many women around the world. Unfortunately, in developing countries many women are treated as possessions and children and wives are often left destitute and betrayed when the husband finds a new, younger wife. The Pash’s heart broke for the women and thus began PROJECT LYDIA.

Cliff and Julie Pash never had dreams of becoming missionaries or of going to Africa. The Pash’s owned a thriving business and enjoyed great success.

Life took quite a turn for the Pash’s and at the age of fifty, they answered a call God put in our hearts to serve in Uganda. The Pash’s gave away much of their earthly possessions and set out for a journey in East Africa to serve a network of Muslim villages with no electricity or running tap water.

The Pash’s were transformed as they saw the almighty God, creator of the universe at work, using them to change hearts and lives for His purposes. Thank you for being a part of PROJECT LYDIA.

Authentic Ugandan Dolls, Beaded Necklaces and Handmade Baskets are produced by the Ladies of Nawansega, most of whom are widows and abandoned wives.

Each Monday, these ladies gather to encourage each other, share with each other, pray for each other. They spend their day producing these products, some of which is sold in the United States through ATK International, Inc.

The small incomes alleviate the worst of the poverty and helps assist with school fees, clothing and food.

“Our God will give you the ability to create wealth, and by doing so, affirms His covenant!”

Project Lydia is a division of ATK International, Inc., a Kansas not for profit corporation which receives donations under the deduction provisions of IRS code 501(c)(3)

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