Educational Fund

Project Lydia Educational Foundation


We have begun classrooms with temporary facilities and temporary authority to operate by the government of Uganda. This authority will expire by either August or November of this year so we must have some permanent facilities in place by then. To build to government standards, we estimate the total cost of every thing to be $130,000. We began with 300 students and by January of 2016 we expect over 500 students with 300 being girls.

Project Lydia Educational Fund

Purpose: To establish an Educational Fund to assist young women with Secondary and Post Secondary Education 100% of all donations will be paid directly for School Fees and School Supplies

Did you know:

38% of girls wil never complete primary school (lower in rural villages) 20% of girls will attend Secondary Schools 80% or rural girls will be pregnant by age of 18—40% by age of 15 years Many Peasant Farmers will insist their daughters be married to collect the bride price

Did you know that Education will:

Reduce Poverty—Every year of Secondary/post Secondary Education will increase the earnings potential by 20% Reduces Child Mortality– by waiting until 20 years to be married Reduces HIV/AIDS—delayed sexual contact helps better choices to be made Reduces population Growth—Women will have on average 2 fewer children

Mission of Project Lydia Educational Fund:

Stand with Young Women for Justice-defending them against various forms of abuse Give Counseling and Direction so each Young Women will complete Secondary Education Assist with planning & financing for Post Secondary Education

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